Bellevue Pistol, LLC, Gun Safety & Marksmanship Instruction, Bellevue, NE

Just in case we need to state the obvious...

If an individual has ever been convicted, or currently charged with any Felony, or any Misdemeanor crime of violence, domestic assault, or any crime against a child.  Do NOT register for class.

Next Concealed Carry Training Course Date is:

March 18th at 10am.  Live Fire Qualification at 6pm.

This Month only!!  Get your CHP for only $75.00!!!

Cost for this Special March class is Only $75.00   Payable at time of class in Cash / Check / Money order.

Credit cards accepted, however there is an additional $5 charge to cover processing fees.

Save Time In Class... Print and bring the forms below with you to class!

Training Course Registration

Nebraska Concealed Carry Training Class NE CCW Concealed Handgun Permit