If you choose to carry a firearm for personal protection, you must also choose to carry the attitude and responsibility that go along with it

Shootings can occur to anyone, anywhere, at anytime...It's unlike anything you have ever experienced...  Bottom Line, you need to take personal responsibility for your own safety.

Comprehensive defensive concealed carry pistol training for todays world.

About Bellevue Pistol, LLC.

Bellevue Pistol, LLC, Gun Safety & Marksmanship Instruction, Bellevue, NE

The fight will not be the way you want it to be. The fight will be the way it is. YOU must be flexible enough to adapt. ~ Unknown

You shoot to end the threat, never to kill, and absolutely never to wound. 

Aim for center mass and continue to fire until the threat has been eliminated.

"You do not rise to the occasion, you sink to your level of training"       Anonymous

Bellevue Pistol, LLC. was formed by Scott and Rebecca Schippers, longtime residents of Bellevue, Nebraska. We have put together a training course that not only gives you the knowledge, confidence, and understanding of your rights, obligations, and liabilities under Federal and State Law but to also give you the confidence to carry a concealed handgun for self-defense and personal protection every day in today’s world.

Scott is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and primary Instructor. He is also a US Navy Vet and served aboard the USS Briscoe.  The Briscoe participated as a member of Middle East Forces deploying to the North Red Sea conducting Maritime Interception Operations in support of U.N. sanctions against Iraq. Briscoe established a U.S. record of 275 merchant vessel boardings in the North Red Sea during the deployment to the area. 

 Rebecca is the brains behind the operation and keeps Bellevue Pistol afloat.  The first face you will see when you arrive to class.  Rebecca will make sure your registration and application forms are filled out correctly. Rebecca is also a Nebraska Notary Public and available to notarize concealed carry applications after successful completion of the course!  No need to pay for or go looking for a notary to finish your application!

Neither Scott, Rebecca, or any of its contract Instructors are licensed attorneys, any and all opinions expressed are our own and should not be taken as legal advice.  You should always seek a competent attorney well versed in firearms laws for legal advice.

Bellevue Pistol, LLC. and its affiliates do not rent, lease, sell, or otherwise transfer firearms and or ammunition.  You must provide your own!

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